Fire Season: A Message of Hope

It has been a terrifying few weeks here in California with the devastating wildfires. My heart goes out to the many friends who were evacuated from their homes, some still yet to return.

Below is a message of hope from Hollye Dexter who lost her home to a fire in1994—she and her family barely making it out alive. Fifteen years later she published the memoir, Fire Season, about her experience and process of rebuilding their lives. Scroll down to read her message and offer to those who have been impacted.

“It's hard to believe that 24 years ago today, we survived being trapped in a house fire and got a second chance at life. It took 15 minutes for our house to burn down, 15 years for me to find the courage to write about it, 5 years to write, and another year to get FIRE SEASON published and out into the world. I wrote it because, after our fire, I wished there was a book written by someone who had been through fire loss and who understood what we were going through. I just wanted to hear someone say, 'We got through it, and you will, too.'

If you know someone who has been affected by the recent fires who would like a free copy of my book, plus an encouraging note, please let me know…” ~ Hollye Dexter