The Daily Prompt

The Daily Prompt is a series of writing prompts delivered directly to your inbox every day for a year.

This 365-day journey of self-exploration is designed to jump-start your creativity by providing thought-provoking story-starters that will get your pen flowing. By tapping into your personal experiences, your own life becomes fertile ground for discovery.

The practice requires only 10 minutes of your day. Ten minutes of free-writing. That’s all.

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The Daily Prompt

A year of creative writing prompts delivered to your inbox each day.



Questions you may be asking...


Who is The Daily Prompt for?

I created the The Daily Prompt for writers who are looking to practice a daily ritual. Many of us want to write, intend to write, but just don’t carve out the time or lack the inspiration. The Daily Prompt is a gentle reminder, a kind of nudge.

It makes a daily practice more accessible when you are not meeting the blank page cold!

How much writing will I do each day?

This is meant to be a doable, daily practice. So the general guideline is to write for 10 minutes a day. Set a timer if you'd like! Write on a napkin in a restaurant, in the waiting room at the doctor's office, or in your journal over coffee in the morning. The point is: anyone can find 10 minutes to put pen to the page. 

That being said, some prompts may inspire longer writing periods, which you are free to embrace! 


What kind of writing prompts will I receive?

The prompts are designed to draw on your personal, true life experiences. They are specific to trigger memories but still broad enough to give you freedom in what you choose to write about.

What is "free-writing"?

The practice of free-writing asks us to surrender to the present moment -- to the free flow of thought, memory, or whatever spills out onto the page. It invites you to meet your muse and play with the written word, without the pressure of using polished language or fully developed ideas.

Should I handwrite or can I use a computer?

Whatever gets you writing!

What if I want to purchase a gift subscription?

Wonderful! Send me an email with your giftee's name and email, and I will send you a custom payment link.


Kind words...


... helping me develop a voice and dig more deeply into myself...

“I so love the prompts. They are really helping me develop a voice and dig more deeply into myself.”

Gail Myers

“My husband bought me The Daily Prompt for Christmas. I just completed the first one. It was the first writing I’ve done in at least a year and will likely be the only writing I do in the upcoming year, so thank you, thank you, thank you.”


It was the first writing I've done in at least a year...

I will tell all my students about it!

“This is so completely brilliant! I love it! I will tell all my students about it!”

Jennie Nash, Founder of Author Accelerator

“My cousin and I are sharing our essays every day with each other and usually wind up having a little discussion after. We were very close as children, but had sporadic communication as adults. It has been so great to get to know her again--the way she is now and the girl she use to be. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.”

Cathy Weingeist

My cousin and I are sharing our essays every day...

... just right to get my recently dormant juices flowing again...

“I’m really enjoying The Daily Prompt. Great idea! It’s perfect for me. Just right to get my recently dormant juices flowing again.”

Ellen Switkes

“I love these daily, thought-provoking offerings. They are terrific for me as a writer, as well as a teacher. Keep them coming!”

Wendy Hammers, creator and host of Tasty Words


... thought-provoking offerings... 

I love learning new prompts. I can never have too many!...

“I’ve been running creative workshops with teens and it has been an incredible experience--especially with a group I just had that were impacted by HIV--that’s why I love learning new prompts. I can never have too many!”

Arrowyn Ambrose

“I LOVE MY DAILY PROMPT!!! Where would I be without it is the question. I may be so exhausted I can't move, but I have to throw down some words for it every day. I am so grateful to have it in my life. It's the best thing ever.”

Susan Isaacs

I love my daily prompt!!! Where would I be without it is the question...

Couldn't imagine a better gift...

“I just paid for a subscription for my wonderful daughter Lily, who turns 24 today. Couldn’t imagine a better gift for her.”

Marianne Borgardt