Story Coaching


As a personal writing coach and editor with a deep understanding of story, I customize the relationship to meet each writer’s needs. I work with writers at all stages of the creative process whether it’s developing the early seed of an idea or evaluating a full-length work.

While I have worked professionally in multiple mediums, my passion lies in personal narrative, which includes memoir, creative nonfiction, personal essays, and documentary-style projects.

The relationships typically take one of the following three forms:


Creative Summit

This option is for writers who need a dedicated chunk of time to brainstorm. You might be feeling stuck creatively, at a loss for where to focus, or need help in identifying next steps. It can also help in laying out a larger game plan and strategy for your creative writing and professional goals.

The Creative Summit is structured as a half-day session (3-4hours) and may include submitting material for review ahead of time.

Contact Karin for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.


Story Mentorship 

This option is for writers seeking a consistent and supportive relationship during the development of a project and/or creative writing process. It is ideal for those who have a story to tell but aren't sure how to execute it. As your personal coach, I will help you:

  • Identify and prioritize your writing goals
  • Stay focused on your objectives and projects
  • Structure and develop your narrative
  • Improve your craft as a writer through custom creative prompts and learning tools
  • Reach greater heights in your writing with professional critiques

The Story Mentorship is a six-month commitment. Regular coaching sessions are scheduled every two weeks. Our conversation can be recorded and digitally downloaded for your convenience. I am also available for on-going support via email.

Contact Karin for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.


Manuscript Evaluation

This option is for writers who are looking for guidance on their work-in-progress from a professional perspective. A manuscript evaluation, often referred to as a developmental edit, includes an immersive read-through and written notes that detail what's working, areas that could use more development, and what is recommended in terms of next steps. It essentially provides you with a roadmap for a re-write.

In my analysis, I address the premise, storyline, the world, point-of-view, writing style + voice, structure, pacing, character + dialogue, and theme - as well as a marketing assessment.

Once you've had a chance to review my notes, we will follow up with a 60 minute phone call (or meet in person if you can find your way to Marina del Rey) to discuss, brainstorm and answer any questions you may have. Our conversation can be recorded and digitally downloaded for your convenience.

Contact Karin for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.


Kind words...


“Working with Karin has provided me with a supportive partnership to excavate the treasures of my story. She has a gentle style of eliciting the essence of what I’m trying to say by asking penetrating questions that cut right to the heart of the material. Writing can be such a lonely task and with her solid understanding of the craft coupled with creative collaboration, I’m able to accomplish my goal of completing a memoir I’ve been struggling with for years. Karin’s stewardship has given me the ability to put the words on the page with confidence. She is a master storyteller and knows how to develop the scaffolding necessary to build a manuscript from inception to completion.”


... a master storyteller who knows how to develop the scaffolding necessary to build a manuscript from inception to completion.

My gut on you was so right...

“My gut on you was so right. The way you read and give notes really feeds me, and I am able to see so much more clearly now. I’m energized about this again, and not so lost. I am so grateful for your eyes and brain. I really love the way and the voice you have in your coaching and assisting me.”

Kelli Bean-Miranda

“Karin’s method of coaching is to coax the story out, gently asking just the right questions that lead deeper and deeper into the character’s thought process. The result is an unfolding richness of story I would not have uncovered on my own.  Always lovely and thoughtful in her approach, Karin is persistent, focused and has helped me stay on track even when my story demons were telling me to give it up...  I’m so glad I didn’t.”

Patricia Hernandez

... Always lovely and thoughtful in her approach...

... inspires you to think about solutions...

“I would whole-heartedly recommend Karin to any aspiring writer who wants to make sure that her work is 'there' before sending it out to agents. Karin’s edits of both of my books were so comprehensive that I’ve yet to be surprised by any other notes that I’ve received on either of them. Her edits are thorough and constructive. She not only points out problems, but she also inspires you to think about solutions. This is why I plan to also send my future work to Karin, before I send them to my agent or publisher.”

Ernessa T. Carter, author of 32 Candles (Random House)

“I am forever grateful to Karin for helping nurture my passion. I first met her years ago when I was, believe it or not, still in middle school. She immediately took note of my vivid imagination and love of storytelling. If not for her reaching out, my life would've gone down a totally different path and my writing would never have blossomed into what it is today. I owe so much of my success and happiness to Karin, who has never stopped believing in me -- even for a second. With her, I defined my voice, honed my craft, and found my drive. Her guidance turned me, a kid who liked writing, into a full-fledged writer.”

Charlie Neuner

... with Karin, I defined my voice, honed my craft, and found my drive.