Happy Women Brunch
One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard is the sound of a beautiful strong woman’s voice once she has discovered her true worth.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Women Dinners


7 Keys to Writing Your Story

Sunday, November 11th


Hosted at a private residence in Toluca Lake


Happy Women Dinners presents a special Sunday brunch event with Karin Gutman.

Writing our personal stories is a journey within that creates meaningful narratives out of our fragmented, everyday experiences. When we meet ourselves on the page, we begin to make sense of our lives and discover what deeply matters to us. Not only does the process transform the writer, but the stories also carry the potential to affect the hearts and minds of those they reach.

This event is designed to share the principles that will support you in exploring the life experiences that have shaped and defined you. Through guided writing you will give voice to what yearns to be expressed, those buried treasures held inside that are unique to you.

Happy Women Dinners is the brainchild of food writer, gourmet cook, and publicist Jill Daniel. Jill brings together fantastic food and speakers with a focus on women. Happy Women Dinners events are held in intimate settings, and limited to small groups of women.




Arrive and meet Karin Gutman

12:00 to 12:45

Delicious organic brunch

12:45 to 2:45

Interactive Presentation on 7 Keys to Writing Your Story


open for registration

Fee: $100

Part of the proceeds from this event will go to LitWorld.org


About the Speaker:


KARIN GUTMAN, MFA, is a story coach who has been guiding writers for over 15 years towards discovering and writing their personal, life-based stories. Her clients have sold books to HarperCollins, Hay House and St. Martin’s Press. During her long tenure as co-executive producer of Spark Off Rose, the popular spoken word series in Los Angeles, she cultivated fresh, new voices and often worked with deeply personal material. A former story analyst for Creative Artists Agency and 20th Century Fox, she is a published author and has written and developed projects for Nickelodeon, the Jim Henson Company and National Geographic Kids. She has taught at Cal State Fullerton, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and UCLA Arts and Healing, and currently offers workshops and one-on-one coaching to writers under her Spirit of Story banner.


Kind words...


The workshop provided a safe environment where I could stumble and fall without getting hurt. My first attempts at writing felt much like a toddler learning to walk. I started with baby steps and before I knew it I was skipping. The workshop taught me that the nuggets in our writing come when we bare our souls. Never before in my life had I been in a room with people who were so transparent, authentic, and open. It taught me that being true to yourself and your story is more important than worrying about what other people will think.”

Cathy Byrd, author of The Boy Who Knew Too Much

The workshop provided a safe environment where I could stumble and fall without getting hurt...

... guides writers gently and intuitively... 

Karin creates a fertile environment for writing. I came to the workshop knowing that I had a story to tell, but with a lot of resistance to the act of writing. Karin guides writers gently and intuitively. She uses writing prompts to help you pop open ideas you didn’t know were there. It was so exciting when my writing really started to flow! I would take Karin’s workshop over and over again.”

Ranjani Brow

“I am always drawn to the group of people you are able to put together. You have a very calm sense and huge understanding that sometimes a prompt can take you a completely different direction and that there never is anything ‘wrong’ in your response. You also have a impeccable sense when it comes to 'listening' what is being read. It could be that you find thing in between the lines or pinpointing exactly a feeling or emotion to an overall situation described in a piece. I love your feedback and am often amazed how ‘on target’ your observations and questions are when I share my work.”

Malona Badelt

... amazed how 'on target' your observations and questions are...

... Something in me is being ‘faced’ by the very act of writing...

“I'm really looking forward to another class... and another and another after that. Something in me is being ‘faced’ by the very act of writing whatever it is that comes out. Your class is definitely stirring my pot and I find that so rewarding. Thank you!”

Molly Jordan

“What you're offering is really magical and unique. I love your feedback and I love feedback in general that challenges me out of my comfort zone, uncomfortable as that may be. The group really opened me up to realizing what 'my' story is, or at least, what the story is I want to tell.  And it also helped me get confident and comfortable with my voice.

The more I write and open myself to creativity, the more creative I feel.”

Suzanne Ely

What you're offering is really magical and unique...

Thank you for empowering me to speak my truth.

“Thank you for empowering me to speak my truth. You have changed my life for the better. I am lucky to share the journey with you!”

Heather McGonigal